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Potato Pies Who Love Jesus (PPWLJ)

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[09 Apr 2006|02:31pm]


Click on the button below to see how fast my network of friends can pass this potato to all 50 states!

love God

TIME TO REVIVE, CHIL'RUN [01 Dec 2005|04:08pm]


I went on a YEAR OF PURE HOLINESS of sabbitical GIVEN to me by the LORD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF, and I return to find nothing but DEBAUCHERY and LAZINESS. I know I am dumb in the eyes of my LORD JESUS CHRIST, dumb enough not to know what DEBAUCHERY is, but I know DEBAUCHERY, and this is it, my supposed FELLOWSHIP'rs!

What this COMMUNITY, this GOD-FEARING COMMUNITY needs is the OLD RUGGED CROSS, bearing the weight of our sin into HOLINESS REVIVAL!

SHAME UPON ALL OF YOUR HEARTS! REPENT before we do the naughty later tonight FIRE rains upon your FLESH!

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[11 Sep 2005|02:35am]

[ mood | Cold ]

What happened to this community? Have you all lost your passion for Christ?

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[21 Jun 2005|07:12am]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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[19 Jun 2005|08:41am]

[ mood | Enraged ]

Hail Satan.

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[06 Jun 2005|12:30am]

hay you shuld go appleye at _themeangirls

hay i hopes its okay i posted this here if not ok i will delett it
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[16 May 2005|03:19am]

i guess i qualify for this community cause i am a BIG FAT POTATO PIE! and i love jesus!!! so that makes me a potato pie who loves jesus!!!!!!!!! right on!!!!!!!
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[11 Mar 2005|07:11pm]

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(^_^) [26 Feb 2005|07:01am]

=) Look all god is in my LJ icon


he has chosen me =) he thinks IM adorable

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Hey everyone [26 Feb 2005|05:58am]

[ mood | =D ]

HELLO all your Darcy-holics , how are you? .... AN how r you Darcy Superior? well wishes to you all , Tonight was a hot night me an my x bf made out an watched WICKED deviant tv shows like Queer as Folk an simpsons =D have any of you guys tried out Mortal Kombat Deception or Silent Hill 4 for the PS2 it is GREAT , its been a long time , i have moved back to Arlington Tx , my bf dumped me because he is wanting to be Promiscious blah an my family disowned me like harshly , o well IM in texas now with my gay friends =) its all good so wats up angels
? hit me up an fill me in on wats goin on in the world of Darcy =D

I have missed all of you so much (^_^) **Hugs Darcy*

love God

[21 Feb 2005|04:39pm]

Oh my Heavens.
I now know the true meaning of the resurrection. Jesus Christ has nothing on me.

But, I come bearing a specific purpose in my mind. There is a new child among us--she goes by the name of Cassie, I believe. Child, please honor and bow to me, and reveal yourself in my eyes.
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[19 Feb 2005|06:46pm]
[ mood | good ]

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Women should be in the kitchen [19 Feb 2005|06:11pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I think women have become too outrageous with their demands. Everyone knows that we are not really people, but property, and should be used/treated as such. To think they want jobs! And not only that, but equal pay!

What next? The right to say, "No, I don't want to have sex," to your husband?! UNACCEPTABLE! UN-DING FLIPPIN' DONG-ACCEPTABLE!!

We should all be in only four places.

1) The kitchen, cooking for our families.

2) The bedroom, giving out husbands what they want and receiving no pleasure in the meantime. Remember that GOD LOVES BABIES, HAVE AS MANY AS YOU CAN.

3) In church, God loves you.

4) Trying to convert heathens into God-loving people. Like me on the internet!

So women, if your're not cooking or on your back, rethink what you're doing.

Thank you,
Kassie Clayton

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[18 Feb 2005|06:52pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Satan totally put a huge gun to God's head and made him put fags on our lovely earth just ruin it for the good little heteros walking about. These foul beasts tempt our men and women, and assimilate them into their ungodly, corrupt ways. Well, I say that I shall no longer be tempted by the likes of such filth, I shall over come their attacks and rude comments.

God didn't give people sex organs to go and have fun, they are there to make babies. Faggots can't have babies unless they use some ungodly way of doing it. Sticking a tube up there full of sperm?! Adoption?!?! WTF?!

Women should have as many babies as possible, I'm only twenty and I've already had three. (James, Joshua, and Joesph!) God loves children, Jesus loves children, EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE CHILDREN. Please go get married and have babies.

Thank you,
Kassie Clayton

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[18 Feb 2005|04:04pm]

Me and my munkee!!

OMG!! OMG!! I've been having deviant thoughts of hot sweaty guys making out!!! Now that Darcy's gone, how will I revert back to the light?! =(
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Oh, Heavens. [03 Jan 2005|05:27pm]

Jesus Christ died for your sins. What are you going to do for him?
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[08 Dec 2004|10:45pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Found on a pro-life community. This young man is a pro-lifer, but I'm confused.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I'm hesitating.
On the one hand, he's an ultra-conservative, and wants all the LIEberals to burn in Hell.
On the other hand, Darcy said we needed lots and lots of babies. He is apparently inhabited by Satan, as he can kill babies when using commas correctly...

What to do? Send positive vibes so he loses this obviously satanical power?

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[04 Dec 2004|01:07pm]

[ mood | guilty ]

Troll me! Save me from a life of gay porn with your God loving ways members! The Mod has gone crazy.

You guys are lame!
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Would Darcy approve? [22 Nov 2004|02:23pm]

Check out this marvelous site: Molatar's Castle

You have to see it to believe it. Christianity has never been so fun!
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[21 Nov 2004|12:10pm]

I am truly sorry this is so delayed, but in the wake of such a powerful time, it all becomes very clear to me: The Lord has spoken.

Some of you will all char in Hell’s kingdom for eternity. You all know who you are.
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