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Women should be in the kitchen

I think women have become too outrageous with their demands. Everyone knows that we are not really people, but property, and should be used/treated as such. To think they want jobs! And not only that, but equal pay!

What next? The right to say, "No, I don't want to have sex," to your husband?! UNACCEPTABLE! UN-DING FLIPPIN' DONG-ACCEPTABLE!!

We should all be in only four places.

1) The kitchen, cooking for our families.

2) The bedroom, giving out husbands what they want and receiving no pleasure in the meantime. Remember that GOD LOVES BABIES, HAVE AS MANY AS YOU CAN.

3) In church, God loves you.

4) Trying to convert heathens into God-loving people. Like me on the internet!

So women, if your're not cooking or on your back, rethink what you're doing.

Thank you,
Kassie Clayton
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I totally agree. I'm sick and tired of these "feminists" who forget that their first duty is to their husband, not to themselves.
Out of university, out of the workplace and into your house, now!
The woman in the kitchen!
The man with his beer, watching foot ball at the TV with friends!
THAT is what Jesus wants!
Oh, Morny. :>
I'm not an extreme feminist or anything. But I believe men and women should have equal rights. You might disagree but that's your business. And yes, I'm also a christian.
if it's her business then why don't you leave this OBVIOUS SATIRE totally correct woman alone?
Wow........What idiots!

You guys need help. Seriously.