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Hey everyone

HELLO all your Darcy-holics , how are you? .... AN how r you Darcy Superior? well wishes to you all , Tonight was a hot night me an my x bf made out an watched WICKED deviant tv shows like Queer as Folk an simpsons =D have any of you guys tried out Mortal Kombat Deception or Silent Hill 4 for the PS2 it is GREAT , its been a long time , i have moved back to Arlington Tx , my bf dumped me because he is wanting to be Promiscious blah an my family disowned me like harshly , o well IM in texas now with my gay friends =) its all good so wats up angels
? hit me up an fill me in on wats goin on in the world of Darcy =D

I have missed all of you so much (^_^) **Hugs Darcy*
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