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Satan totally put a huge gun to God's head and made him put fags on our lovely earth just ruin it for the good little heteros walking about. These foul beasts tempt our men and women, and assimilate them into their ungodly, corrupt ways. Well, I say that I shall no longer be tempted by the likes of such filth, I shall over come their attacks and rude comments.

God didn't give people sex organs to go and have fun, they are there to make babies. Faggots can't have babies unless they use some ungodly way of doing it. Sticking a tube up there full of sperm?! Adoption?!?! WTF?!

Women should have as many babies as possible, I'm only twenty and I've already had three. (James, Joshua, and Joesph!) God loves children, Jesus loves children, EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE CHILDREN. Please go get married and have babies.

Thank you,
Kassie Clayton
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